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The information within these pages has been built up over the past 16 years or so.

Most of the hard data has been retrieved from  a multitude of sources from the public domain.

Valuable additional facts and figures have been contributed by family members for which we are very grateful.

Facts are checked as far as possible but we cannot guarantee complete accuracy. There are also occasional times when an informed guess has to be made.

Therefore, if you spot an error, please email so we can put things right. Additions and alterations are always welcome.

What can this site give you?

Access to over 2000 names connected to the Isger, Arnold, Kenneally and Williams families

Where our families were living in the British Isles some as far back as the 16th century

Connections to families that migrated to the United States, Australia and elsewhere

Some thoughts about how the Isger name originated

A selection of historical tales from family archives

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